Risk Management

interactive installation
dimensions variable


Risk Management is an interactive carnival-style game, in which two players take turns using a mallet to strike a launcher that propels beanbags toward a suspended platform. The goal is to have the most beanbags on the platform at the end of the game. However, the hanging platform dips and tilts with each beanbag that strikes its surface, and if they are distributed unevenly, the platform could tip over and spill beanbags over the edge. Because both participants are launching beanbags at the same platform, what one player does to sabotage the other could end up backfiring on themselves.

To win, players must identify advantageous opportunities, evaluate potential losses, and prioritize strategic risks. Will they aim to better stabilize the platform or intentionally throw it off balance? The objective is to maximize the realization of positive outcomes while minimizing the probability and impact of negative ones. “Risk management” is literally the name of the game.

This temporary installation was commissioned by Arts Brookfield for the Grace Building in May 2019. It was also shown at Brookfield Place during July-Aug 2019.


More Information:

photos: Talisman Brolin + video: Rawny Media