I make sculptures and installations that put a playful twist on familiar pastimes and amusements. I am interested in how interactivity and play can help us examine and understand how we relate to one another. I explore how games can operate as simple metaphors for social interactions, and my work often takes the format of something seemingly frivolous to address something serious. By expressing my ideas through existing and recognizable formats, I hope to create a point of access that allows participants to tap into their own feelings of nostalgia, desire, competition, comfort, or even frustration.

My work also involves bringing people together. I like putting people together in unexpected situations because I think there is a beauty that comes from the struggle to find unity. I am fascinated by what happens in those moments of intersection, and how we define (and redefine) who we are in relation to the people around us.

The key to understanding my work is to physically engage with it—to use it, play it, touch it, and sometimes even smell or taste it. While I make every effort to craft objects that are beautiful and alluring, my main objective is to create evocative and memorable experiences for the people who use them. I like to think about the language of objects and spaces, and how the way we encounter them changes what we think and feel. My artmaking decisions are guided by functionality; I strive to build things that work seamlessly and feel good in your hands. I believe that if participants implicitly trust their interaction with an object, then they are more open to accepting new ideas and forming new experiences.