cast iron and wood
dimensions variable

These pans are my first three attempts at casting my One From Many project. I like to think of them as artist's proofs.

I had no idea how difficult this shape would be to cast or how many things could go wrong in the process. I am proud that I stuck it out, despite all the setbacks. These 3 forms show many of the problems I had to solve, and they represent the belief that the only failure is to give up trying. Every time I hit a snag, I thought about how difficult it is to achieve unity. I had a lot of great conversations with factory associates about the challenge of coming together a whole... in our country, as well as within smaller communities or even families.

These were created at the Kohler Co. factory during Arts/Industry, a residency program of the John Michael Kohler Arts Center.  You can see the whole production journey on Instagram (#6skilletpan). They are part of the permanent collection of the John Michael Kohler Arts Center.

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photos courtesy of Arts/Industry